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Injectable treatments offer a quick and easy way to reduce the signs of aging and enhance your appearance. At Charlottesville Dermatology, our providers administer cosmetic injections on a regular basis and frequently participate in advanced training opportunities. As a result, our physicians are very experienced in the latest techniques and applications of cosmetic injections.

Cosmetic injections are excellent for targeting specific problem areas of the face and may be repeated or combined for ideal results. There is little or no down time and most patients can go about business as usual immediately after treatment.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® CosmeticBOTOX® Cosmetic injections are a safe and effective way to diminish unwanted facial wrinkles such as frown lines and crow’s feet. This non-surgical method of reducing the signs of aging on the face is FDA approved.


Like other injections in this category, Xeomin® works by blocking signals to muscles so that they cannot contract, causing fine lines and wrinkles.There are no additives in Xeomin®, which reduces the likelihood of developing antibodies to Xeomin®. It takes approximately 5-7 days for the full effect of Xeomin® to occur and results typically last from 3-6 months.


KYBELLA Patient Before and After (Side View)We are proud to also offer the newest injectable treatment to eliminate unwanted submental fullness, also called the “double chin.” This affects many Americans and can make the face look round or heavy. FDA-approved Kybella™ is an innovative injection treatment that will reduce areas of excess fat under the chin for an elegant and refined appearance. Unlike liposuction, Kybella™ is non-surgical and requires minimal downtime before clients can return to normal daily activities. Kybella™ treatments can restore clients’ confidence and gradually reduce the appearance of double chins, with optimal results in as little as six months.

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