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What is the M22?

The M22 Lumenis is a state of the art device with applications to treat over 30 skin conditions including general signs of aging, birthmarks, acne scars, and rosacea. The wide range of functions of the device enable the provider to tailor treatment to each patient’s individual needs to achieve optimal results. IPL technology improves the appearance of photo-aged skin, removes age spots (sun-induced freckles), most benign brown pigments, and redness caused by broken capillaries on the face and body.

What is an IPL?

IPL is an intense pulsed light treatment that uses optimal pulse technology to administer varying wavelengths of light to the skin, which generates heat in order to treat pigmentation and vascular imperfections of the skin. IPL uses a different kind of light than laser treatments, and is non-invasive and non-ablative: it does not puncture or strip off layers of skin.

How does IPL Works?

IPL M22 in use.During treatment, the IPL wavelength is optimized so that the energy is absorbed only by the unwanted melanin, raising the temperature to cause shattering of the pigment. Deeper level damaged blood vessels are treated at the same time.

Shortly after treatment, the unwanted pigment cells (or melanin) have been thoroughly fragmented without damage to the surrounding tissue. Vascular lesions are heated, causing coagulation and shrinking of the vessels.

In the weeks after treatment, the shattered melanin particles are eliminated through a process which causes the fragmented pigments and damaged melanocytes to be absorbed by the body. Little or no trace of the initial lesion remains. The treated vessels deeper within the epidermis are reabsorbed by the body in much the same way.

Because the treatment is gentle, there is no interruption of routine activities. By helping to remove the age spots (sun-induced freckles) and broken capillaries, the result is overall younger looking skin. Improvement is subtle and accomplished over a series of treatments so the patient’s skin does not appear obviously treated.



What skin conditions does IPL treat?

Sun damage
Skin texture
Broken capillaries
Brown spots
Age spots
Dark circles around the eyes
Sun-induced freckles on the hands, chest, and face
Broken capillaries around the nose
Excels in helping the reduction of fine wrinkles and large pores

Am I a Candidate for the M22 Lumenis?

A provider will meet with you in the office to evaluate your areas of concern and discuss your desired result. She will then determine what treatment is the best option for your desired outcomes.

What Should I Know Prior to My Treatment?

The M22 Lumenis requires patients to have no active tan during the course of your treatments. Please also let the provider know if you have a history of cold sores or have ever had an adverse reaction to light or laser treatments in the past. Our providers may suggest medications prior and after treatment for optimal healing.

What should I expect during and after my treatment?

There may be some pain during the treatment which is generally managed without the use of numbing agents. Immediately following the treatment, redness and swelling may occur. Swelling and redness may last for a few days. Direct sun exposure should be avoided immediately following the treatment and sunscreen should be used in the weeks following treatments.

What does IPL treatment feel like? Will it hurt?

Most of our patients find the treatment tolerable and describe the sensation as a hot pinch. A coolant gel is applied to the skin to help improve the treatment and to improve patient comfort. We do have topical numbing cream available if needed.

How do I care for my skin after treatment?

You can typically resume wearing makeup and/or SPF immediately after treatment. We will give you in depth aftercare instructions at your appointment and are available to answer any questions as needed.

How many treatments do I need?

The total number of treatments can vary depending on individual patient’s skin conditions. Typically, 3-6 sessions are required to see optimal results, but can vary depending on the patient’s needs. Treatments are scheduled at 4-6 week intervals. Final results are expected to be seen 4-6 weeks after your final treatment.

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