The Passion for Microneedling

Why is microneedling – something that sounds so unpleasant – the increasing favorite aesthetic procedure of “those in the know” cosmetic dermatology patients? With a considerably lower price point and a much shorter recovery time than most laser procedures, but with results equal to lasers in many cases, it is no surprise that even the busiest (and most price-conscious) patients will turn to microneedling to improve their skin texture and tone. In fact, for those patients with darker skin tones who are not good candidates for lasers, microneedling can achieve the results that for so long have only been available to those who are candidates for lasers.  Moreover, microneedling can be performed closer to the eye area than lasers – a problem spot with fine lines and wrinkles for many people.

Why does it work so well to improve and correct skin texture problems?  As this informative article says, “You can think of microneedling as collagen induction—or collagen induction therapy,” Since aging, lackluster collagen is newly stimulated by this treatment, skin condition, skin texture, skin thickness, and skin elasticity improve over time as well.

Want to see what kind of results to expect?  Yes.  It’s THAT good.

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